Welcome to Cala’s.

Cala’s fresh food is “Home style” modern and the ambiance is “Cheers” casual. When you walk through the door, the bartender knows your name, and if they don’t, chances are they'll know it on your way out.

Great Ambiance.

A warm and inviting gathering place just blocks from the beach.

Welcome to Cala’s.
‘Home-style’ modern, ‘Cheers’ casual.

Cala’s fresh food is “Home style” modern and the ambiance is “Cheers” casual. When you walk through the door, the bartender knows your name, and if he doesn’t, chances are he’ll know it on your way out.

We are a warm and inviting gathering place where families dine out, friends catch up and acquaintances are made. Our comfortable hospitality and support of the local community provide a relaxed atmosphere where blue collar and white collar come together for good food, good drink and good company. And even though we serve peanuts in their shell, our space is creative, clean and classic chic.

Our food is local New England flavor and our lobsters are caught right off of our shores by one of our favorite regulars. The beers are always cold, the wine pour is never skimpy and the pint size drinks are worth the wait for a much coveted seat at the bar.

What Are People Saying?

This was a nice little spot and they have done their best with creating outdoor seating. Food is good and the staff are so nice and friendly! Love the French onion soup!!

Delilah via Yelp

Swiss burger, side salad Pulled pork tacos and hand cut fries... apple-cranberry crisp all was so tasteful, great flavors... fun little place with an amazing waitress Hannah!! She's the greatest.. fun, bubbly, jokey everything you'd love coming to a pub...

Jen H via Yelp

Located in a hip area, and offering a homey well lit atmosphere, Cala's is above par dining in a traditional pub setting. From the apps to the drinks to the entrees, everything flavor is 5 star! Not something the regular Salem/Massachusetts tour would venture to find so the crowd is mellow and well reserved. I HIGHLY recommend this business to anyone looking for an above fantastic meal/drinking experience. AND its 100% kid friendly especially for those children who are very picky eaters.

Jimmie W. via Yelp

Great atmosphere, real homey and fun! I had the Mexican Street Tacos with rice and beans, great size, pretty afforadable and VERY flavorful. The food was hot and fresh, and overall great place to stop by for lunch with some friends. After the meal, we walked around to so some town exploring, very lively and fun neighborhood too!

Joan N via Yelp

I had never been to Manchester by the Sea and we took a road trip earlier this week. We had heard about the great pizza restaurant but were wanting something different. In the center of town was a small restaurant with a parking place right in front. It was quaint and established. We were seated right away. There were plenty of items to choose from from Mexican to American pub food. I ordered two tacos, one pork and one shrimp tempura. Both delicious and a good size. I ordered rice and beans with it which I could have skipped as they were very plain. My sister ordered fish and chips with sweet potato fries. It was a perfect portion with well cooked fish. The fries were shared and were really delicious. All in all very good food and a friendly place. I would go back

barbarar191 via TripAdvisor

This is a fun place in a really cool town. I recommend the mac & cheese with salmon - very good! I am a fan of drinking Rum Runners and the bar tender at Cala's made it perfectly. I highly recommend you visit Manchester-by-the-sea, and when you do, you MUST visit Cala's.

Crouton2512 via TripAdvisor